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We've Got It Maid Cleaning Service

At WE’VE GOT IT MAID CLEANING SERVICE, we’ve seen our share of grungy refrigerator drawers. Understanding what the crispers are meant for, and properly using their settings, can extend your fruit and veggies’ freshness – keeping your drawers gunk free and saving you money!

Most refrigerator drawers have adjustable humidity controls that allow you to switch between high and low. The “high” setting keeps a small window to let air in closed, while the “low” setting opens it.

What’s the big deal about humidity? Produce ripens depending the amount of humidity, and fruits & vegetables produce their own at different rates by releasing ethylene gas. This is a process by plant hormones which regulate their growth and development, much like hormones to in humans and animals.

The general rule is produce that rots (apples, peaches, plums, etc.) should be in low humidity and produce that wilts (lettuce, parsley, spinach, etc.) should be in high humidity. Exceptions to the rule include raspberries, strawberries and citrus – which keep best in a more-humid environment.

The need to keep them separate is the reason for two drawers. High ethylene gas-producing pineapples can cause your frisee lettuce to wilt at an accelerated rate. With the greater chance of food being eaten before it has to be tossed, you’ll stretch your food dollar – and give your friends at WE’VE GOT IT MAID CLEANING SERVICE time to focus on other areas in your home to make spotless!

WE'VE GOT IT MAID CLEANING SERVICE has been locally owned and operated for over 30 years. We are a Coachella Valley leader in residential and commercial cleaning services.

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