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Seven New Years Resolutions For Your Home - Resolution Four

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We know, most never accomplish or maintain their resolutions for the new year. At the core of why we even bother - our homes (and budgets) have been stressed during the frantic holiday season - the new year promises us new beginnings and a refocused purpose. With that in mind, We've Got It Maid Cleaning Service is offering a seven-part series of little things that can bring new life to your home, you and your family.


As the one-time ad campaign smartly said, "Life comes at you fast." Between work, kids, appointments and keeping the house organized, there's often little time for ourselves. We often feel like a pinball bouncing around a world full of bumpers, bells and flippers!

Finding hobbies as an adult can be challenging. If you have kids, your "hobbies" are often more like volunteerism... soccer team parent, PTA, school committees. Learn to say "yes," and learn to say "no." Yes to setting aside a couple things a week for your own interests. No to sacrificing an unbalanced amount of your time for others' pursuits.

As for those kids... limit their activities to two-to-three commitments at a time. (and make sure "homework" counts as one!) On the football team? Also in the school play? Between those two things and keeping grades up, that's enough for one semester.

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