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We've Got It Maid Cleaning Service - Simplify Your LIfe

Don’t we all wish for easier, simpler time? This week, August 1-5, is the time to do it: It’s national Simplify Your Life Week.

We've Got It Maid Cleaning Service offers a few tips to help you maintain balance in your life.

  • Mess Equals Stress – This applies at home or the office. Whether it’s cleaning out that junk drawer in the kitchen, organizing that filing cabinet or actually deleting your “deleted” emails, take control of the clutter.

  • Under Commit… THEN Over Perform – This one falls under the “help yourself so you can help others” category. Never saying “no” can spread you so thin that completing obligations can be challenging. We lose our sense of accomplishment… and if we’re not careful some friends too. Spend less time on a variety of projects and allocate that time to performing at 100% on those you do accept.

  • Pick One Thing. Just One Thing. – Whether you choose “low hanging fruit” like cleaning out the fridge or a bigger task like cleaning out the garage, there’s usually a multitude of things we can think of that we’ve been meaning to do. Make a list and pick one thing to knock out. Then? Pick another. Rinse and repeat.

  • Luck Favors the Prepared – There’s nothing quite like waking in the morning to a tidal wave of things to do: What am I wearing today? Is my/the kids’ lunch prepared? Did I put gas in the car? It’s easy to collapse at the end of a long day, but spending an hour picking out – or pre-ironing- your clothes for the next day, or showering at night or tackling any number of things that can be done in advance will allow you to get your day started on a positive note instead of feeling one step behind.

Of course, the best way to simplify your life is let We've Got It Maid Cleaning Service help with your home or office cleaning - and organization! Call us at 760-773-0079 or email


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